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Accredited Team Management Systems Practitioner

Something exciting 🥳 Last week, I was able to get my TMS Badge from Team Management Systems! They are the “experts in the science of #teamwork”. They help improve businesses, develop teams, and grow individuals’ potential. I am very happy to get accredited along with other amazing executives.

As a TMP practitioner, I am able to use this tool to catalyse cross-functional leadership, with people having diverse communication preferences.

We just want our message to be sent across but we have to be an #AdaptiveCommunicators to be able to do this.

With this credential, I am given more ideas on how to communicate efficiently. As an advocate for good cross-cultural communication, this will help me reach and teach more executives with this tool along with a growth mindset.

Exciting times ahead!

About TCP Growth

TCP Growth is a cross-cultural growth consultancy in Asia with a mission of catalysing intercultural performance & collaborations for leaders and teams. Our Thought Catalyst Partners provide Training programs, Community sharing and Partnership consulting.

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