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An Inevitable Journey: From Obstacles to Innovation in Creative Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

People from the #creatives industry are like…. idea banks. We constantly churn out ideas and we get a lot of fun out of it. But creative people need inspirations to produce ideas, so it made me question, how do creatives contribute to innovations?

Over the weekend I decided to read an article about people like us – creative #entrepreneurs and I discovered a work by Wijngaarden, Y., Bhansing, P. V., & Hitters, E. in 2021 called “Character trait, context or... create! Innovative practices among creative entrepreneurs” and I’d like to share some of my learnings.

Besides the insights from the research itself, when I read this article, I was intrigued by this line: “#Innovation, in this regard, is not a planned investment, but rather a by-product of the restraints creative entrepreneurs encounter.” What does this mean? It means these “restraints” or obstacles allow us to think of ideas that lead to innovation.

This reminded me of a seasoned banker/investor that is a friend of mine. He told me, “You know, I’m super impatient and tired of reading those inch-thick investment proposals. Instead, I would check if the founder of the project has made any mistakes before. If I can hear that the person has overcome obstacles and could survive in the most challenging situation, I have a high tendency to put my cash across.”

When I read this article, I realized that this kind of attitude doesn’t only apply to #creativeentrepreneurs, but to everyone as well. No matter what your occupation or role is, obstacles will be there, and it is our job to innovate to solve the problem.

In this #VUCA world, there is no promised playbook that will give you all the answers. We will have to face restraints and obstacles, but we can reflect and ask ourselves:

❓What can I control in this situation?

❓What can I do with this boundary?

❓How do I maximize it?

❓How can I possibly go beyond the boundary?

Answer these questions and you are on your way to innovating!

Enjoy the reading!

👀Article here ▶️

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