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Celebrate our Milestone - TCP Growth 2022

A milestone - Share with you, my colleagues and friends who have helped, encouraged, supported me with your trust throughout all these years. Really grateful 😇

Being a mom of 2 junior school boys in this CRAZY era, somehow I found myself a bit stubborn in holding onto my dream with the word "entrepreneurship". I can still recall the feelings with tears, or the numbness when I got burnt out. However, I decided to set an example for my boys - to live with #passion#purpose#perseverance and #positivity

Besides the business side of things, what's my next step? I'm working on my #energymanagement to ensure that I can continue to do weekend home school for my boys, and spend time with them everyday - even just for a quality meal or bedtime stories/chat.

Nevertheless, without the team of international speaker partners a.k.a. friends, there wouldn't be TCP Growth ! Thank you for being here, or along the way, sharing the same mission to nurture more connections and build bridges across cultural borders. 🙏

Let's spread the power of #authenticleadership#communication to more 🚀 My heartfelt thanks 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

About TCP Growth

TCP Growth is a cross-cultural growth consultancy in Asia with a mission of catalysing intercultural performance & collaborations for leaders and teams. Our Thought Catalyst Partners provide Training programs, Community sharing and Partnership consulting.

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