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Cross-cultural Training Market Report

🔍Some #insights for my cross-cultural training peers! I recently came across a study published in 2021 by #Technavio, a market research company, where they forecasted the market growth and trends of #CrossCultural#training from 2021- 2025. The study shows that the market is growing!

Technavio expects an increase of USD 1.45 billion in cross-cultural training market shares from 2020 to 2025. The compound annual growth rate is also expected to increase by 6.57%.

We all know the effect of the pandemic on our personal lives and businesses. It really creates uncertainties for businesses, though many places are already in the endemic phase.

Now that the world is slowly starting to stabilize from the pandemic, the need for cross-cultural training is starting to increase. As digital development opens more opportunities for global connections, businesses are now looking for competent employees, especially in #CQ. Your team members need to have the skill to understand and connect with different people of diverse cultures.

Technavio mentions that the main driver of this growth is the emergence of cost-effective #elearning modules made available by the online setup. You don’t have to fly in your training coach; all you need to do is gather your team and let your coach train you from a remote setup. This way, we are able to reach and train more people to be culturally intelligent team members.

💡Before the pandemic, I used to travel frequently to lead workshops in the mainland cities. However, it became difficult to meet clients in person due to covid restrictions, so we had to look for other ways to continue training people. Instead of waiting for the border to reopen again, we redesigned our cross-cultural growth programs from day-long physical workshops to shorter, online workshops spanning across a few weeks. The feedback and results have been very positive. One bonus of this shift has been the increased opportunity to invite more international speakers based in different timezones to share in our programs. We truly enjoy this new format with #intercultural#collaboration!

If you’re still considering whether cross-cultural training is worth it or not, this is your sign to do it! Give your team the right guidance to be globally competitive members of your business. Or try it out for yourself. It’s never too late to study CQ and become a culturally competent leader.

If you’re interested in this topic, we can talk more about this!

Visit my page at and I can help you with your cross-cultural needs.

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