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Establishing the Real Human Connection

Finally, we gave each other real hugs! (I’m based in Hong Kong. #Hello 🫢)

To kick off Q1 of 2023, I flew to #ChiangMai in January. I finally met #JohnHo of #Alt_ChiangMai in the flesh! Though we have regular Zoom calls over the last 2 years for our project #TheRemoteTrends, these can never replace the best brainstorming setting - chit chatting physically over drinks and delicious dishes.

🤝Establishing the real human connection.

Earlier this month, I also had the opportunity to visit #Manila and meet Anthony Amunátegui Abad, Shiela M. Cancino, CPA, DTM, ICF Coach, Kristine C. Francisco - Alcantara, David Rosario and Angeli Maduli. Not only for #DigitalDiplomacy and #PawnToQueen, I also demonstrated the habit of a true global citizen - tasting different local delicacies - cultural immersion. #Eatizen

I’m happy that these are where I got to kick off my post-pandemic business travels and that I finally got to meet my partners TCP Growth

Even though our company operates in a remote setup, I still firmly believe in meeting people in real life. It is an effort to meet people around the globe, but the connections made in person are priceless.

This reminds me of one article from #TheWashingtonPost I came across this month. It talked about the importance of face-to-face meetings.

🔍 #Research suggests that it is 34 more times effective than communicating through email and that handshakes promote cooperation!

📙There was a quote mentioned in the article from #PaulAxtell, the author of the book “Meetings Matter”, where he said, “In-person meetings provide a sense of #intimacy, #connection, and #empathy that is difficult to replicate via video.” And I totally agree with that.

Video/Zoom calls cannot replace the “human touch” of meeting people in person. I think the biggest factor is the non-verbal cues. Sometimes the cues that we see on the rectangle screen are not enough to fully understand the message that people want to send us. It’s an important element in effective human communication.

While we learn about how to optimize remote setting, if you have the means to meet your team face-to-face, grab the opportunity! It will allow you to build a deeper relationship with them.

After all, business is not just about businesses; it’s about the people too! #HumanConnection

See you in person soon!

📰 Read this article if you are interested:

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