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Jan 2023 Movie Inspiration

“What is the most important right now . . .?” It’s a quote from coach Tan Nguyen in the latest episode of #TheDigitalDiplomat with Anthony Amunátegui Abad. This was the phrase echoing in my head while I was watching The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari (2022) on Netflix.

🎬 This documentary is about the phreatic explosion of the Whakaari or White Island volcano that happened in New Zealand in December 2019. The explosion left many people injured and died after visiting the volcano. The film featured the personal stories of survivors and how they managed to escape the situation.

I was reminded of Tan’s quote because, in times of #crisis, we tend to lose grasp of our decision-making skills. This film demonstrated a real-life story that featured a crisis with limited time/energy, where we could ask the question – what is the most important right now? The ONE thing?

2022 was a challenging year for me. Despite the usual demands as an entrepreneur and a working mom, one of my close family members was diagnosed with a complicated illness. From a positive attempt to understanding, better planning, juggling to struggling and burning out, my health was trapped in a downward spiral for months.

🙏Glad that I came across this question - “What is the most important now, at this moment?” (Thanks, Tan!) Then, I have realized my urgent need to refocus on regaining my energy, my well-being, before anything else.

🪴My learning - Be #realistic alongside #positivity

Perhaps, the list of tasks we are handling can be simplified, reprioritised or eliminated. It doesn’t mean that we can only pick one problem to solve, but perhaps focusing on 1 most important thing at a time?

In a crisis situation, focusing on the now and quickly assessing the situation is the key.

(Spoiler alert!) This film also reminded me of my faith in humanity. There was a scene where the helicopter pilot had to make a decision whether he would swim for the boat to save himself or go back to the island to save others. He decided to go back. The selflessness demonstrated here shows how your decision can affect others and I hope that we always choose the better option that can help or benefit other people, as well.

What happened in Whakaari was such a tragedy but it can serve as a reminder and inspiration for us, that in times of crisis, focusing on the now and making quick decisions can save us from catastrophe, either in our personal lives or businesses.

📌What is the 1 most important thing right now, at this moment?

▶️ Check out this trailer and see if you are interested to watch it!

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