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June Book's Recommendation: The Company of One

📚 Here’s a book that I recommend for this month

Recently, I reconnected with a coachee of mine, a tech entrepreneur friend. He told me that a book has changed his perspective on being an entrepreneur. He recommended this book to me - #CompanyofOne

I was one of the witnesses of his start-up journey. He was very dedicated to building his startup with an ever-expanding strategy, i.e. rounds of fund-raising. He was almost allergic to the idea of “SME” or small-to-medium enterprise. And I wondered why.

To my surprise, I heard his new strategy, which speaks to me a lot, was all inspired by this book!

The pandemic and digital media have changed the working landscape. Besides, the great resignation and the switch to remote work setting, more and more talents choose to start their small business and find their niche that they enjoy, to become creative entrepreneurs.

These 3 learnings speak to me the most when I read the book:

😊 Stay #small on purpose - You don’t necessarily have to build a big business to be successful. Growth is inevitable but you don’t need to aim for endless growth.

🤓 The #nicher, the better - The Company of One is about becoming better at one thing. Becoming the best individual, or organization, by doing one particular task, satisfying one particular niche.

🏆 Learn to have #enough - Reflect on your meaning of success. More is NOT always better. Staying small and agile will help you overcome financial ups and downs, especially in this VUCA world.

Last but not the least, I think it is important to enjoy what you do and what you build as an entrepreneur, whether it is a start-up, small business, or being solo. Always remember your #purpose and stick with it.

What do you think about this book?

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