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Milestone Celebration 🚀

What a way to start October! Sharing with you a #milestone.

Last week, a good friend/mentor who hasn't seen me in person for 3 years asked, "Your energy has changed. What have you done?" My response without any hesitation, "It's the #coaching training."

After 3.5 years of learning and professional practice, I finally attained #PCC - a Professional Certified Coach accreditation by #ICF

It wasn't an easy journey at all, especially for someone who is considered as "impatient". Taking away my judgement with empathetic listening was something absolutely "unnatural" for me". Seriously, it took me loads of energy and awareness to learn. I have to confess - the voice of "this is not for me" appeared quite often throughout this journey!

However, I'm grateful to have stepped outside of my comfort zone for some new perspectives and approaches in life. My gain is more than the PCC badge, but a life-long personal growth #enhancement

Now, the voice of "the mission continues" is stronger than ever - I will continue to learn, and help my clients catalyse their own strengths to be effective leaders and communicators.

I am happy to connect with you, who also share #GrowthMindset#ContinuousLearning and our stories of passion, purpose, perseverance, and positivity.

🚀My next milestone - will be completed in 2030.

#Heartfelt thanks to International Coach Academy and the numerous trainers, peers and clients, who made this possible for me.


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