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💡"Mirco-Understanding instead of Micro-Managing." A nice read #HBR

The concept of remote working is not entirely new to me. Even before the pandemic, I had already started working remotely. I have always dreamt of running a company fully remote because it is scalable and will expand my opportunities & a bit of flexibility & different lifestyle 😉

So as an entrepreneur, I always have to look for different ways of leading my team to keep them engaged and motivated in this setup. I found this article from Harvard Business Review written by Raghu Krishnamoorthy this October.

According to a Harvard study early into the pandemic in 2020, 40% of leaders were not prepared to manage employees in a remote setup and 41% had troubles in engaging their team members. This article encourages #MicroUnderstanding, instead of micromanaging.

Micro-understanding functions on trust, which focuses on delegating tasks and being flexible. Here are the 3 tips from the article how you can practice micro-understanding:

👉Setting #priorities and clarifying - As a manager, your delegating job doesn’t change, but the way you set priorities in an online setup should bring clarity to your team on what goal should be hit.

👉Problem #solving - Allow your teammates to solve challenges, but be there to guide them. This lets them exercise their creativity in solving problems.

👉Checking in and showing #compassion - It’s important to check on your team’s disposition to keep them engaged and to make them feel cared for.

We are all still learning and navigating this setting, but #compassion and #understanding will go a long way in establishing #trust and #relationships within the workplace.

Do you have any tips for managing a remote team? John Cheng Aurélien Vasinis Somya Sinha

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