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Public Sector Marketing Show with Joanne Sweeney

Happy and thankful to be part of the show Joanne Sweeney! 😇

I actually met Joanne here on #LinkedIn, and after a few message exchanges, we are now having a conversation about the power of this platform for executives.

💡Sharing with you this interview where we talked about the role of LinkedIn for #SeniorExecutives and how social media can help you build your #LeadershipCredibility. Joanne also shared essential tips for your 2022 Linkedin strategy too!

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can connect you to amazing and talented people and it is the breeding ground for thought leaders. Don’t let this platform go to waste!

▶️ Watch the full conversation here👇

About TCP Growth

TCP Growth is a cross-cultural growth consultancy in Asia with a mission of catalysing intercultural performance & collaborations for leaders and teams. Our Thought Catalyst Partners provide Training programs, Community sharing and Partnership consulting.

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