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Re: Council Post: 16 Business Strategies for Dealing with 'Fake News'

📰 Sharing with you these tips when dealing with #FakeNews in businesses!

False information has been around for a long time, but it has been more rampant these days with the use of #socialmedia. It impacts many aspects of our lives, but specifically for companies and leaders, it can have huge reputational impact because it can affect their image. This may also lead to lower #trust from your employees. It’s a slippery slope if not managed!

So even though a bit dated (2020), I thought I’d share with you this article from #Forbes that gave 16 Business Strategies for Dealing with ‘Fake News’. I think these tips are still relevant today.

Here are some of my favorites:

💡 Have a clear response plan. Mitigating the spread of the fake news quickly by having a plan aids in lessening the damages of the fake news.

🤝 Build trust through authentic messaging. Building trust with your audience through authentic actions can help in minimizing the spread of false information about you.

💻 Maintain an up-to-date hub of information. Your and your company’s online presence is important so people don’t look facts from anywhere else about you or your company.

Please share your insights👇

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