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Empower through Connection

Margot Ling
Founder of TCP Growth 全思社
Corporate Trainer I Executive Coach

MA & BSSc (Hons) in Communications
PCC ICF, Certified CQ, Accredited TMP Coach
PgDip, Integrated Marketing Communication



"Hello, I'm Margot Ling. I help business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives maximize their wins by activating meaningful collaborations across cultures. My purpose is to catalyze human connections, empowering my clients to build confidence and effectively communicate to succeed. 

I'm a multilingual communication trainer, executive coach, and creative entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. I'm passionate about promoting Growth Mindset and Cultural Intelligence. My joy comes from empowering clients to achieve their goals. As an unshakeable optimist, my guiding principle is to lead and influence while activating results.

Learning starts from the Mindset. Success starts with an Action."

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My Guilding Principle -The 4Ps



for conversations that can influence people



to make authentic connections happen

Mountain climbing


to reinvent at every stage of my career



to take on challenges with a growth mindset

My Favourite Quote
“Begin with the End in Mind.” - Stephen R. Covey

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My Story

Everyone asks me what drives me as a creative entrepreneur, executive coach and communication trainer? For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by media production and storytelling. As a young girl growing up in Hong Kong, I would record songs and stories in cassette tapes and went on to work at radio stations, even trained as a DJ and a presenter.

My competitive spirit, with a passion for helming initiatives in digital content and making alliances happen led me to work at some of the biggest Fortune 500 media and technology companies - FOX (formerly STAR TV), Dolby Laboratories and Twitter (Greater China content & media lead). It was immensely gratifying to lead the first ever “Voice of China” TV show using Dolby broadcast technology, a big win. It remains one my most memorable career highlights, navigating multiple cultural nuances and a diverse set of partners to activate this cultural zeitgeist for Chinese audiences. All of this while actually carrying a big baby bump; 7 months pregnant with my son!

In my professional journey of the past two decades, I witnessed the change in the media industry from linear technology to going digital, with the rise of emerging Asia. Working with prominent international media, credible names in the silicon valley including Twitter and Times Internet, as well as family owned media businesses, I have helped these organizations scale their networks and grow their presence in the region.

After creating my own startups across interactive television, digital art sales, even a food social network, I moved into the creatively satisfying, non-stop frenzy of content business and intensely challenging corporate role at Twitter. All of these experiences helped build my risk-taking appetite and added to my skills in media training and executive coaching.

My passion to help leaders grow and succeed led me on this journey to "officially" becoming an executive coach in 2019. I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation besides, and a certified Facilitator for Cultural Intelligence by the Cultural Intelligence Center, as well as accredited facilitator for Team Management Profile (TMP). Among my most prominent clients are tech start-up founders, international corporations, consumer brands,
public organizations and entrepreneurs across Greater China and overseas.

Currently, I am based in my beloved home city of Hong Kong, wholeheartedly devoting my energy to advancing TCP Growth (The Cultural Programs) to new heights. Collaborating with our esteemed international training and coaching partners, we are on a mission to spread the power of adaptive-yet-authentic communication, uniting individuals from diverse cultures. Our goal is to build bridges and catalyse human connections. 

Let's embark on this journey together!

A Glimpse of my Corporate and Academic Journey

Margot Ling academic and corporate credentials

Work with me

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Cross-Cultural Consulting

As a Cultural Intelligence (CQ) facilitator, I assist clients in developing cultural intelligence, enhancing global team collaboration, and delivering tailored intercultural communication training programs. My aim is to help organizations thrive in an interconnected global landscape, fostering cultural understanding and leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage.

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 Executive Coaching

With my A.G.I.L.E. approach, I provide executive coaching services tailored to each coachee. I appreciate their strengths, set clear and achievable goals, integrate existing resources, leverage external support, and foster a growth mindset to adapt to change and embrace innovation. Creating a trusted environment, I help executives maximize their leadership impact, achieve personal and professional growth, and lead their teams to success.

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Communication Training

With nearly a decade of experience, my communication workshops aim to equip leaders with essential skills to enhance executive presence and make a positive impact on their teams, clients, stakeholders, or citizens through strategic communication. Topics covered include executive influence, presence, employee advocacy, and social media best practices. The programs also delve into thought leadership, personal branding alignment, and the art of storytelling.

What Clients Say

"Margot has been part of our design and facilitation team for a one-year online program we just completed for a great luxury company. I am very grateful for what she brought into our teamwork journey: positive energy and impactful presence, learning agility, sharpness, and a high level of professionalism in her preparation and delivery. Her commitment has been tireless, and our mutual trust grew even more."
                                                                       - Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Turningpoint Asia Ltd.
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More About Me

Here’s what I think - being an entrepreneur and a mom are two of the hardest jobs in the world. And I am learning valuable lessons on both these journeys. 

I am a mom of two happy boys, with a very supportive husband. As a cross-cultural family, we love to explore nature. When I’m not juggling meetings and calls, I enjoy swimming, movies, food and a quiet stroll by the sea to recharge my energy and slow down on a regular basis.

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